Ok, this is interesting, so pay attention. A great friend of mine, Tiziano Caliendo, from Italy, after watching the trilogy over and over, found some very interesting stuff to explain the differences between the movies. Ladies and gentlemen: TIZIANO'S THEORIES!

Dear friends...it' s time to expose my DEFINITIVE THEORY on the "LINK" between all the three "Evil Dead" movies .This text is dedicated to all the real fans/analysts like Zombie 420,that "love" to imagine to give a sense to this horrorific and shocking story...'bout a man trapped into a cabin...and a dark spirit within the woods.

So, this is my own theory :

Sam Raimi has created a new type of movie called REQUEL (a fusion between the "SEQUEL" and the "REMAKE"),and this concept is in my opinion –or in my terms- connected to the matter regarding the famous ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES (don't forget to read a Stephen Hawking book of physics, assholes!!!), and surely this is one of the strongest and more interesting points 'bout the so-called EVIL DEAD MOVIES( I call them : My life :::))

Practically, the three movies can be seen as one unique story (or saga) seated in three DAYS (the third day is that famous one in which Ash wakes up in the middle ages, after a pretty cool flight from a pretty cool time-warp...), but at the same time we can justify all the "mistakes", the "inaccuracies" and the different incoherent elements with the ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE THEORY developed in a " progressive way.

Every movie following the first "EVIL DEAD" is the perfect narrative sequel of the former one, but, at the same time, every sequel changes the former movie with a strange quantistic feedback reaction, so you must "remake" the previous movie in your MIND... and it could be a fantasy job not so clear, but very hard.

SO : 1-EVIL DEAD : In the first timeline we can track, Ash is a 21 years old and he's a college student. We know, Ash burns the Naturum Demontum (the book of the dead), but the Candarian Demon lives again. Fortunately, due to some magic spell created - illo tempore - by a Middle Ages wizard (Wiseman John ?), the so-called Evil Dead present just ONE limitation for their demonic power: There is a certain symbiotic connection between the Candarian Demon and the book, a sort of evil empathy... that’s all. As a consequence of burning the book, all the just- possessed-people melt in a swamp of flesh and blood, but it doesn't stop the entity (or stops it just for a while). So, at the end of the movie, he's possessed by the Evil Dead after the burning of the Naturum De Monta. We guess Ash died (turning into a vicious Deadite) and the Evil Dead could be ready to catch all the human kind !! But the sunlight turns a Deadite into an human again.

2- EVIL DEAD 2 (The first REQUEL): In this timeline, Ash is 29 years old, he has a lot of muscles, the cabin has a lot of furniture (there's a piano too, photos of Annie Knowby, etc.) and the message of the tape recorder reveals the mysterious archaeologist 's identity...Raymond Knowby. Plus, the book has another name : NECRONOMICON EX MORTIS. But the important thing is that EVERY EVENT of the first movie has HAPPENED, except Ash’s bad fate at the end. Now Ash is 29 years old, and so Scott, Linda, Cheryl and Shelly. However, the cabin has a different look. He has killed his friends turned into Deadites last night. The Beginning of ED2 is a "recap" of the first one, or the disturbed scrapped memory of an Ash shocked by the first frightening night, or by the brief possession of the Evil Dead (thanks to the sunlight). He has removed the memories regarding Scott & company’s figures, but the whole last grueling night went on as you can see from the first movie. Simply, the ED2 timeline presents some different particular details, plus Ash' s possession at the end of the first ED is broken by the sunlight !!! Again, some magic spell created - illo tempore - by a Middle Ages wizard, the so-called " Evil Dead" (a.k.a " Evil Force " ) present some limits for their demonic power : The sunlight has the ability to dissipate the spiritual "sprout" that the Evil Dead put in a human body, in a vegetal organism or in an inorganic object, so with sun a human "Deadite" turns into a normal man again. Probably, we even have to consider the "evil empathy" with the book, and it seems to be supposed Ash burned the book in this second timeline too. In fact, in ED2, we see the book, and there are no tracks of the friends’ corpses... it sounds to me clear enough. At the end, Ash fights against the Evil Dead turned into a flesh monster creature; then Ash is sucked into the Time -space vortex, and there is the famous Middle ages ending. I suppose the "Ash" of the second one doesn't return to our time, and he spends his own remaining days fighting with the medieval Deadites...'til his own death.

3-ARMY OF DARKNESS : Ash is 34 years old, and he works in S-mart...but the whole story has NOT CHANGED. He went into the cabin with Scott & company, and so the first and second night have happened as you can see from the previous two movies.. In this third movie, Ash doesn’t have the WHITE STREAK in his hair. I suppose the Annie Knowby's translation has turned the Evil dead into a flesh creature, but so much soon it was sucked into the vortex a lot of time before Ash could see it face-to-face, so our hero Ash hasn't fought it face to face... this is the simple reason why the "THIRD" Ash has no white streak. Of course Annie was killed by Ash's possessed hand and Ash was sucked by the time warp... There 're two endings...other timelines. For this progressive-way theory i suggest the post-apocalyptic end,of course.There's more drama !!! So, we can suppose that "EVIL DEAD" is a great saga based on the Alternative universe theory, developed in a progressive way to not "waste" the continuity we can extrapolate from the three movies put together, in a perfect LOVECRAFT style...who wants some ????!!!!!!!

THEORY Nº2: Well, we all know "Evil Dead 2" is the only among the three ED movies to show a lot of flubs, mistakes (not narrative) and all that stuff...now, I want to repair to these mistakes...through the power of my mind !

1-When Ash is possessed for the second time and he lifts the poor idiot Jake with his arms, we can see a sort of string that holds Bruce Campbell. If you see that clip without rallenty, that string seems one of Jake's braces, unhooked. IT can be this...with a lot of imagination...

2-We can see that, when Possessed Henrietta attacks Annie at the end of the movie, a kind of chain behind Henrietta's back... well, we can SUPPOSE that Raymond Knowby has unchained her, and she –as a Deadite- has incorporated that chain to her organism or something...or Raymond knowby has previously nailed her body to the pavement of the fruit cellar, and maybe that's the reason why Henrietta is free in the middle of ED2.

3- We can see a sort of slight wire attached to the Henrietta's flying eyeball... well, it's an expansion of the optical nerve, modified by the Evil Dead's flesh change property of the possessed body...

4- When Ash is sucked into the Time warp, we can see a strange white object above him... OF COURSE, it was a piece of the cabin's furniture or something...and not the rope extremity to raise the stuntman...

5-Do you remember the "possessed" chair, after Ash has definitely killed Linda with his chainsaw ? Well, we can see one of two reflexes of the threads (the "special effects").We can assume that they were something similar to those "invisible" mystical threads that animated the possessed witch's levitation in "Army of darkness"...

THEORY Nº3: Here are some "solutions" and observations 'bout the saga...'cause I’ve re-watched "EVIL DEAD 2" for the 17th time -I’m not joking, buddies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1- Definitely NO. The smokes aren't the physical manifestations of the EVIL FORCE (I call it "EVIL DEAD”, I suppose the title is referred to the entity)...This is the reason : At the end of ED2, Ash fights the incarnation of the Evil Dead, and he strikes the right eye of the demonic creature with the chainsaw. Well, then the Flesh creature is sucked by the TIME-WARP and we can see the FOG again that accompanied the creature!!! So, of course, it's a sort of "track" of the Evil Dead, a kind of "footprint"!!!

2- Someone showed doubts on the "Winged Deadites"... well, we had to not forgive that the "EVIL DEAD" is able to modify the human organism possessed by a "split", a portion of itself. Do you remember Possessed "Henrietta" ?!

3- The "flying" kitchen stove was sucked by the time warp, yes, but that multi-dimensional split has access to a lot of quantistic universes... Ash was catapulted into the Middle-ages. The Evil Dead return to Hell, or their world. In fact, The "Army of Darkness" Entity is the youngest version, while the ED2 's entity is the oldest version of the same. Regarding The kitchen stove... I don't know (hahhaha).

4- That skull in the NECKLACE !!! I don't see it !!!!! But, it can be the reflection of a portion of the Evil dead gone trapped into it !!!!! However, Silver kills demons, I've read this into a Black magic book. Obviously, Possessed Ash returned to human 'cause the necklace's silver material !!!!! ANY OPINIONS,EVIL DEAD HEADS ??????

P.s : YOU HAVE REASON !!!! Who's care about the ED2 flubs ?? It's a great great great great movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you had fun ?????? Please,any opinions ???????????????? Tiziano Caliendo a.k.a the Knowby Warrior .