A-ha! So you think The Evil Dead started it all, huh???

Wrong! How are you gonna film a movie without money?? Borrowing from a rich uncle, perhaps? Maybe, but that ain't what happenned to Sam, Bruce and the rest of the troop. If you wanna get some money to make your movie dream come true, what do you need?? Bingo, investors!

Sam was ok with the idea (it came from a time when he had to read "The Necronomicon" for a literature assignment), but he needed money (who doesn't, anyway?).

So, Sam used his intellingence and wrote a script. Then, he, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert raised $1,600 together and called Tom Sullivan for lending them a hand, creating a 30 minute "senseless gore flick".

What's next?? These guys needed a place to film their story... and the best place to make a horror flick was a farm, and the family of Rob Tapert had one. Once they had the money and the place, the shooting started in the winter of 1978.

Basically, the story is the same of The Evil Dead series, but this time is Bruce Campbell who turns into a deadite (obviously, for playing with things he doesn't know what they are), and his girlfriend(Ellen Sandweiss, who played his sister in the movie)is the one who has to run for her life.

Cheap gore, latex make-up and Bruce Campbell...what else?

This flick raised $90.000 and allowed Sam Raimi to create his famous trilogy....thanks God!