Ok, as far as we all know, and according to the almighty words of the great Bruce, there are no current plans for a 4th Evil Dead movie. perhaps you can say that the Evil Dead: Hail to the King game could be a fourth movie.

But hey, what the hell. Richard Tomblison, a big fan of the series (and, well, he reminds me of Matthew Lillard. No offense, Rich.) decided to film a short movie (y'know, low budget and all that stuff) that could be included in the Evil Dead series. And guess what, deadites: the plot doesn't involve Ash, but his son!! Yes, Ash has a son!

THE STORY: Many years have passed by since Army of Darkness. Ash got married (don't ask me who's his wife)and he had a son named, guess again, Ash. Ash Jr. and Jim Strobe (a friend) go to the old cabin in the woods to pick some stuff his old man forgot. Once they get there, Jim finds an old diary that especifically states "Don't go in the closet", but what the hell, the dude does it anyway.

Guess what... that's right, Jim vanishes while young Ash finds the Necronomicon and reads it out loud and unthinkingly summons a deadite that wants the book. But be careful, because Kid Ash can kick some serious butt like his old man, but he's a little scared too. Young Ash throws the book out of the window and the deadite goes out in the woods to search for it.

Now, an evil bat(?!) steals the book and hides it, so little Ash has to hunt it down through the woods to kill it. In his journey he'll fight a vampire who dies when the sun comes out and later he meets the evil commander who isn't other than his old buddy Jim. There's some Angel of Death around as well, but at these moments the movie can get a little confusing if you don't pay attention.

If you see this movie, you can think one of two things: it's a piece of garbage or it's funny. I suggest you to look for the funny side(hey, I told you it was made with an extremely low budget). Besides, although the editing isn't too good, it IS funny and quite creative. Some shots are very "Raimistic", it has a curious soundtrack, comments of people who saw it, behind-the-scenes stuff and you can even hear Yoda talking somewhere!

For more information, e-mail the creator of the flick, RICHARD TOMBLINSON to: