-For an excellent demonstration of how to deal with a possessed customer, saving the lives of other customers and his job partners.

-For being the employee with the best quotes.

-For improving the sales of chainsaws and shotguns.



Vital Statistics

Date of birth: June the 22th,1958

Place of birth: Tennessee

Race: Caucasian

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Scars or marks: He has several cuts on his face. He lacks of a right hand since he lopped it off at the wrist. Instead, he wears a metal hand or a mounted chainsaw.

Special Skills: Some knowledge in Science and Mechanics, he has the ability to make several shoots with his shotgun without reloading(Duh), he's an excellent swordman and martial-arts fighter(and trainer) and one-liner. Really talented when picking up girls.

Weapons of choice: A Remington/Winchester shotgun, a chainsaw, his highly-powered mechanical hand and his specially-modified-to-kill-deadites Oldsmovile, also known as "The Deathcoaster".

Other weapons of choice: A sword, catapults, his hands, feet and teeth, a torch, a shovel...and his big mouth.

Remarks: Ashley J. Williams is the only survivor of an incredible adventure. He claims that some evil spirit lives in the woods of the Tennessee border. Since his girlfriend and S-Mart's colleague Linda, his sister Cheryl and his friends Scott and Shelly are dissapeared, we can assume they're dead.

Ash also says that this evil presence was unleashed to this world by an Ancient History professor, Raymond Knowby, the owner of the cabin where Ash's friends met their end. Later, some more people, including Annie Knoby, the professor's daughter, her boyfriend and associate professor Ed Getley, and two villagers, known by the names of Jake and Bobby Joe also died in this play. The Tennessee Deputy says that there are two local people missing, so we can assume he's talking about Jake and Bobby Joe.

After that nightmarish weekend, that was suppossed to be a relaxing vacation, Ash went back to his job in S-Mart, telling his partners he has lived an amazing experience, which included a trip to the Medieval Times. Nobody believed the whole thing at all until a possessed customer attacked the supermarket. After defeating the old witch, there were no doubts that Ash's story was true.