Who is Bruce Campbell,you ask?

So...you wanna know who the hell Bruce Campbell is??? Ok,people, I'll tell ya! Bruce Campbell is an actor(maybe the coolest)who doesn't want to be treated as a god, but as a common person(hey,maybe he even wants to be your friend). Besides, he is the ONLY ONE guy who replies ALL the lame questions you may ask him about his movies or his life. So, if you wanna ask him anything you want(except ludicrous questions), here's his e-mail address: bcact@aol.com

Now,consider this,people: Bruce actually thinks his email address is the worst kept secret on the net. Only ONE question each will make things easier for our hero. Now,don't expect an inmediate reply, 'cause Bruce hasn't plenty of time, but if you're patient you'll probably get a reply.(yeah,I know they're kinda short, but you're not the only one trying to email this guy, you know?)Anyway, if you want a pretty good answer to your question, you should get a copy of Bruce's best seller "IF CHINS COULD KILL: CONFESSIONS OF A B MOVIE ACTOR". Bruce carries out a great analysis of his career and every question in the world has an answer here!

Stop yelling,stop yelling! Do you wanna know what films and TV shows he's starred??? I mean, he's been in a hell of a lot of movies, many of them unknown for most of the world, but many others deserve our attention. So, here's a list of movies and TV shows' episodes I highly suggest for viewing:

THE EVIL DEAD(first of a trilogy): One of the flicks Bruce is best remembered for. Five college students go to an abandoned cabin in the mountains to spend their vacation. Pretty soon they awake an evil force that can turn people into zombies. The sole survivor tries to fight his way out of the nightmare.

EVIL DEAD II: Dead by Dawn: Bruce reprises his role as Ash, the survivor of the first movie. The first 15 minutes of the movie are related to the previous story (or something like that). Bruce replaces his severed hand with a Chainsaw... groovy.

INTRUDER: A gory movie made by the creators of EVIL DEAD II. The manager of a grocery store goes mad and starts killing his night shift workers in very different ways. Bruce plays a cop at the end.

MANIAC COP: As the title hints, a mad cop starts killing people around and Bruce is the good cop trying to prove he's not the murderer. Plenty of action. First of a series.

DARKMAN: Ok, Bruce makes a cameo at the end of the movie in a surprise role. Liam Neeson leads here as a scientist that turns into a super-strenght, mask-wearing deformed hero to fight the criminals who thought they killed him. Great flick. First of three. Arnold "Mummy" Vosloo takes Neeson's place in the sequels.

MANIAC COP II: Bruce reprises his role as Jack Forrest... until he's got by the Maniac Cop. Robert Davi's the hero in this one.

LUNATICS: A LOVE STORY: Ted Raimi and Deborah Foreman are a couple of nuts who fall in love. Bruce plays two roles in this movie. Extremely funny.

ARMY OF DARKNESS: A classic. The end of the Evil Dead series. Ash lands in the Middle Ages and fights a whole Army of the Dead. Cult.

THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY Jr: Bruce plays a cool cowboy that tries to trap the bad guy who killed his father. A good short-lived TV series.

HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: Bruce plays the recurring character Autolycus, the king of thieves. He joins the heroes in their adventures.

CONGO: Bruce plays a very small but important part in this movie, since he's the character that gets the movie started.

THE QUICK AND THE DEAD: Ok, it's a great western film and Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman are on it, but if you look for Bruce, just check the credits, because his scenes were cut.

ASSAULT ON DOME 4: Futuristic movie. Bruce plays the evil leader of a gang that takes over a prison.

ESCAPE FROM L.A.: Sequel of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, with Kurt Russell reprising his role as the cool Snake Plissken. Bruce plays the surgeon general of Beverly Hills. It's almost hard to know it's him under that heavy make-up.

FARGO: Heyyy, Bruce in an Academy Award winning movie! Check the soap opera in the TV, Bruce's acting!

MENNO'S MIND: Bruce plays a hero in this one. Lots of hacking, computer-induced memories and action.

TORNADO!: Great TV movie with Bruce in the leading role. He's a scientist trying to find a way to stop tornadoes.

IN THE LINE OF DUTY: BLAZE OF GLORY: Loosely based on a true story. Bruce and Lori Loughlin are a couple of bank robbers in search of a best standard of living.

THE LOVE BUG: Yes, Bruce in a Disney remake. The real main character is a living Volkswagen.

McHALE's NAVY: Bruce is the "WOMANIZER" Virgil, one of the members of Quentin McHale's crew. Tom Arnold leads as McHale.

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN II: TEXAS BLOOD MONEY: Although it doesn't feature the Gecko Brothers, it's a great sequel(or prequel). Bruce has a teasing role with Tiffany Amber-Thiessen at the beginning of the movie.

ICEBREAKER: Bruce is the bad guy that hijacks a ski center. Sean "Goonie" Astin is the good boy trying to save the day with Stacey Keach.

THE X-FILES: Bruce is a guest-star in the episode "Terms of Endearment". He's a demon who wants to have a normal baby.

EVIL DEAD: HAIL TO THE KING: Bruce lends his voice for a videogame based on the Evil Dead movies. Available for SEGA DREAMCAST, PLAYSTATION and PC... can anyone tell me where I can find it for PC?

JACK OF ALL TRADES: Leadin role in this show. Half a gentleman, half a pirate, Bruce fights Napoleon's guys alongside a really really gorgeous lady.

SPIDER-MAN: Altough is a small role, he's important, since he's the first in giving the hero his trademark. Oh yeah, he plays a ring announcer.

ELLEN: Bruce plays Ed Billik, the owner of a bookstore who has a strange relationship with the Ellen Degeneres... until he knows she's gay. That is, Bruce's character doesn't show up anymore.

WEIRD SCIENCE: As Gene, Bruce tries his best at singing in this TV series based in the popular John Hughes movie.

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