When a movie is good enough, we have merchandise. When a movie gets merchandising, we have comic adaptations. And when we have a good movie, merchandising and comic adaptations, we have...THE ARMY OF DARKNESS COMIC BOOK!!!!

This epic mini-series was written by Sam and Ivan Raimi(check the credits, dude) and was drawn by an artist of the genre: John Bolton.

...."It was a hoot. John Bolton is a master. I'd like to have some of those pages as pieces of art." -----Bruce Campbell.

If you have any doubt about the quality of this man, check this out and hold your breath!

ARMY OF DARKNESS PART 1: In this issue, Ash lands in the Medieval Times (nope, not the restaurant, dummy)and tries to convince the people he's not a bad guy. But when he's forced to fight for his life, his rage begins to raise! How to get back home??

ARMY OF DARKNESS PART 2: Ash, our hero, really screwed it all this time! When he goes to get the Necronomicon, the only thing that has the power to send him back to his own time, he awakes the Army of the Dead!!! Can these demons be stopped or they'll finally rule the Earth?

ARMY OF DARKNESS PART 3: Ash and Arthur's men fight against the Army of the Dead face to face!!! But it won't be an easy war! Will Ash save the day and will he ever go back to his own time, or will he remain trapped in a world where he doesn't belong??

Come on, guys! Don't tell me this comic isn't groovy!