Well, well...there's an alternate ending, as well as sequences not shown in the US edition(But you can get the DVD or even download it on the Internet, groovy)

We all love the S-Mart ending. Happy, awesome...just like the way we like it! But, what if Ash doesn't end as the hero he is?

Captain Supermarket: Evil Dead 3, the Special Edition is an alternate version of Army of Darkness, available in Australia and Japan. Much more gore, a love-making scene, extended sequences(the windmill, the little Ashes) and extra talk.

The alternate ending shows Ash just like we remember him: kissing Sheila goodbye. After that, he enters a cave where he drinks the potion Wiseman John gave him.

Ash had to drink just some drops of the potion. Each drop equals 100 years, so Ash had to drink just 6 drops. But as he is so dumb(not always, luckily)he hears a sound and distracted, drinks one more drop.

The result: he oversleeps 100 years and he awakes in a post-apocaliptic world, ala Planet of the Apes.

Totally pissed off, Ash screams: "I've slept too long" and the scene fades to black. In the darkness we can hear his screams and crazy laughter. I really like this ending. It surely would have justified a new Evil Dead movie, showing the adventures of Ash in the new world.(Beware, Mad Max!)

Some other sequences we miss in the American version include a fight between Ash and Arthur's men when he arrives to the Middle Ages, Ash and Sheila making love, a longer battle between Ash and his evil little clones, a longer talk between Ash and Bad Ash and some other good stuff.

There still aren't plans for a fourth installment, but both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi have said they'd be happy if they make another one...let's pray, kids! In the meantime, make sure to get a copy of the groovy game "EVIL DEAD: HAIL TO THE KING". That's pretty close to a part 4.


This is the box cover of the European version of Army of Darkness...pretty cool, huh?