THIS IS SAM RAIMI !!!!! am I going to create a page(sorry..I mean, a LAME page)about the Evil Dead saga without talking about the man who created it all??? Well...that man is Sam Raimi, a guy who started creating his own stories and now is one of the most respected directors into the filmmaking industry, always experimenting different(and difficult) angles and camera techniques to amaze his devoted fans, with a little help from his brother Ivan.

We all know Sam through some of his blockbusting movies, such as THE QUICK & THE DEAD, DARKMAN and, more recently, A SIMPLE PLAN....but it all started with a short story called WITHIN THE WOODS...the same that originated the EVIL DEAD saga.

Sam and his friend Bruce Campbell met in drama class when they were very young (Sam was 15 and Bruce 16),and they went to St. Clair Shores to study filmmaking. There, Sam got his very first experience on a professional film, working as a production assistant. This helped Sam to learn some techniques on filming, and he also learned some stuff about screenwriting, acting, writing, and directing. That's how Sam started to make his own film.

Some time later, Sam started to attend the Michigan State University. There he met Robert Tapert, a guy who wanted to be a film producer and who was a roomate of Ivan. With Rob and Bruce, Sam created his company, Renaissance Pictures, being its first film the famous Evil Dead!!! Since then, nothing has stopped the genius of this guy who started practising with his camera for fun and later became one of the most recognized filmmakers of the world.

At the beginning of the first Evil Dead, two fishermen waved to Ash's Oldsmobile. One of them was Sam Raimi.