Alright, this is me "trying" to play some blues... my special skills as a guitar player include "Owner of a lonely Heart", "last Train to London" and, more recently, "Louie Louie"...I suck!(as a player, I mean)

Well, if you want to keep navigating here, you gotta know a little bit about me first(BWAH-hah-hah!).

My name's Luis Díaz Rodríguez, I'm Chilean, born in 1977 and, after lots of years at college, I'm finally a translator! How About it?

Now, why did I choose to make a page(sorry, a lame page) about such thing like the Evil Dead saga?

Well, perhaps because I liked the movies(man, I love them!)and I really needed to leave my mark on the net...who doesn't these days??

And remember, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the contents of these pages don't think about it twice and e-mail me!

Ok, now you know something about out of here and go to do something really navigating my page! (or if you'd like, ask me what other things you'd like to know about me)

This is one of the greatest moments in my boring life: The day I met Jeremy Bulloch, the guy who played Boba Fett in the Star Wars movies. This picture was taken in 2000. Nevertheless, it ain't one of my best face-shots...duh!

Why is that everytime I scan a pic of me it never has the best resolution? Here I am, with a couple of friends.